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Hair Transplantation
For Women

While FUE hair transplantation is primarily aimed at men, our female patients can also take advantage of this procedure to lower their hairlines and improve density.

Quick Facts

  • Transplantation for women is largely identical to male procedures
  • Grafts are extracted from the back of the patient's head
  • In most cases, only a limited area is shaved
  • This shaved area can be covered by long hair
  • Results depend on underlying causes of hair loss

Can women have a hair transplant?

Just like men, women can also take advantage of the FUE hair transplantation method to add density or lower their hairline. Manual implantation methods used at our clinic can produce a very high density of implantation and give you excellent results. Grafts (donor hair) will be transplanted from the back of your scalp and implanted in areas of reduced density or your hairline.

Will I need to shave my scalp?

To extract donor grafts from the back of your head, we will need to shave a strip on your donor area. Hair will be completely trimmed off from this strip. The size of the shaved area depends on the scope of the procedure and the number of grafts that need to be extracted.
For implantation, we will not trim at the top of your scalp if implantation is done in front of your hairline, specifically in cases when the objective of a hair transplant is to lower the hairline. If grafts are implanted to improve density at the top of your scalp and need to be implanted between existing hair, we might need to trim. This depends on the specific case. Contact us for an individual assessment.

Are results of female hair transplants guaranteed?

Female hair loss can be result of many various reasons. Transplanted grafts can fall out in the future if the underlying cause of hair loss is untreated. The grafts we transplant can still be susceptible to the condition, which caused your original hair loss. Each case needs to be individually assessed to provide more information.

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